Lakers video: Fans lined up to meet LaVar Ball prior to Los Angeles' game
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Lakers video: Fans actually lined up to meet LaVar Ball prior to Los Angeles’ preseason game

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Lonzo Ball might be the talk of the town heading into the Los Angeles Lakers’ first preseason game, but his father stole the show away from him even before he stepped on the NBA hardwood.

In attendance during the Lakers–Timberwolves game to show his support to his son, LaVar Ball was seen a few rows from the court. And as expected, after his controversial comments this summer, the Big Baller Brand CEO commanded a lot of attention.

Surprisingly, however, the attention he got was too much that people even lined up to meet and take a photo with him.

This kind of reception is undoubtedly crazy for a father of an NBA player, especially a rookie, and the tweet from former Rockets forward and current Wolves TV analyst Jim Petersen sums it up.

LaVar grabbed headlines this summer for all the wrong reasons, but it seems all the publicity stunts he made for marketing are working in his favor.

Sure, he might have his haters, but judging from how people acted, he also has his fans who he might soon say as the real Big Ballers.

It’s still unknown if Lonzo Ball can live up to the expectations and the hype LaVar put on his shoulders, but whatever the case may be, expect the Ball patriarch to continue drawing interest.