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Lakers star LeBron James, Kendrick Perkins exchange tweets during Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley bout

LeBron james, Kendrick Perkins, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, as well as former teammate Kendrick Perkins, had their eyes glued on the crazy Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley bout. James and Perk were just two of the hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world who watched Paul dominate the former UFC welterweight champion to extend his professional record to 5-0.

It was the former NBA champion from the Boston Celtics who started the exchange between him and his ex-teammate in James. Perkins was clearly loving the competitive boxing match between Paul and Woodley and tweeted out:

“This is ENTERTAINING as hell!! Real Talk.”

To which the Lakers star immediately agreed:

Both James and Perk weren’t exaggerating, too.

Paul and Woodley left everything in the ring as the contest went all the way to Round 8 with neither boxer giving an inch. In the end, though, it was Paul’s three-year boxing experience that helped him pull through, as he ushered in Woodley’s first bout outside the octagon with a split-decision win.

James was also quite active on social media on Sunday night. Aside from replying to his former teammate, James was also FOMO-ing hard since he was quite vocal about missing the mega-fight between Paul and Woodley, which was held at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in downtown Cleveland.

Good thing Paul held his own against Woodley and made his and LeBron’s city proud.