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Alex Caruso reacts to fan getting married in his jersey

Alex Caruso, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers talent Alex Caruso’s rise to stardom, for a large part, has mostly been tied to his effective chemistry with King James on the court. He doesn’t mind being the shadow of LeBron, but 6-foot-5 Laker guard certainly didn’t lack a spotlight. In fact, he has developed quite a social media following these days. 

One of them caught The Bald Eagle’s eye. Twitter user Hayden Damico walked down the aisle recently wearing a No. 4 Caruso jersey under a traditional wedding suit. 

He showed off his wedding photos in a tweet yesterday, July 20.

The tweet went viral, garnering off around 2.5 likes and 350 retweets. It didn’t take long for Caruso to take notice. He even gave his blessing to the newly-weds.

Even his fellow Laker teammate Kyle Kuzma replied to Caruso’s tweet saying: “Fire”

The social media hero’s fans have gone through great lengths to profess their love for The Bald Eagle – and this is not the first time.

Earlier this year, his fandom took up arms to propel Caruso to the top of the NBA All-Star vote tallies. His bid, even overtook that of NBA legends like Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry. Unfortunately, that didn’t push through because media votes have to be taken into account.

This recent display of fanfare from Caruso fans proves that whether their Laker hero is on or off the court, they have no plans of slowing down. If the Lakers are successful with their bid for the crown, Caruso’s popularity and fanclub numbers will definitely go no other way, but up. 

The Lakers lead the Western Conference and stand at 49-19.