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Lakers’ Alex Caruso reflects on his ever-growing cult following

Alex Caruso, Lakers

Over the last couple of years, Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso has gained a cult following among fans of the Purple and Gold. After winning the 2020 NBA title, his fan-base grew exponentially. The guard acknowledged this fact. And seems to have no qualm about it.

Per Ryan Ward of Lakers Daily, Alex Caruso shared his thoughts on his ever-growing cult following.

“Lakers fans were already in love with me I think. I think now it’s kind of doubled over.”

It’s hard to pinpoint why Alex Caruso has captured the hearts of Lakers diehards. Maybe because of his humble beginnings as an undrafted prospect? His sneaky athleticism? Or maybe because he just knows his role and plays it at an elite level?

LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player today, has heaped praise on Alex Caruso’s play style. After clinching their spot in the NBA Finals in September, James spoke about how he and Caruso have a similar mindset when it comes to winning:

“I gravitate toward players like that right away, because the game, everybody talks about the physical side, and how high you can jump and how fast you can run and all those things. But the mental side is what gets you to the next level,” James said, per Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal. “I saw that from A.C. and he continues to learn. He’s just been great for us.”

It’s not blasphemous to claim that without Alex Caruso, the Lakers wouldn’t have won the title. Or at the least, it would’ve been a very difficult road for them. Fortunately, Caruso will likely stick around for the Lakers. The possibility of racking up more titles remains high.

Alex Caruso knows he has a good thing going. Continuing to play well will enable him to retain a special status among a loyal legion of fans.