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Lakers’ Anthony Davis reveals hilarious fumbling Olympic interaction with Kobe Bryant

Anthony Davis, Lakers, Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis had yet to play a single game in the NBA when he traveled to the London Olympics with Team USA in 2012.

The youngster had just been selected with the first pick of the 2012 NBA Draft out of Kentucky,  so it was his first chance to show off for his NBA peers.

However, Davis hilariously wasted that chance and became the butt of jokes from late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Davis explained during an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that he and James Harden never saw the floor during the Olympics. The one time he was called upon, he forgot to wear his jersey.

“The Brow” said he went to check in at the scorer’s table during a blowout, except he only had a plain, white t-shirt underneath his zip-up.

Davis attempted to hide the embarrassment from his teammates, but the Lakers icon overheard him speaking with head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Kobe then chided Davis for blowing his opportunity and jokingly checked inside the zip-up, a picture which is included in the interview.

Davis laughed off the incident, though he told Nichols he also felt he missed a crucial chance to prove himself.

Eight years later, Davis is hoping to make Kobe proud in a different way.

The Lakers are preparing to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, with Anthony Davis and LeBron James hoping to lead the franchise to its first title since Kobe Bryant and Co. defeated the Boston Celtics in 2010.

Davis might have fumbled his first chance, but he hopes to honor Kobe by winning a title in 2020.