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Lakers star Anthony Davis roasted by Charles Barkley after missing Game 5

Lakers, Anthony Davis, Charles Barkley

On the floor, Game 5 was an utter disaster for the Los Angeles Lakers. Playing without superstar Anthony Davis, the thought was the deck would be stacked against LA heading into Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns. But not many thought the Lakers would get rolled by 30 points. Phoenix poured it on early and often on Tuesday night and afterwards, Charles Barkley turned his troll game up.

Speaking on the wildly popular “Inside the NBA on TNT,” Barkley didn’t bite his tongue when it came to his criticism for Anthony  Davis constantly missing games. With Draymond Green, Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson listening along, here’s what Barkley said.

That’s a new one. Barkley referring to Davis as “Anthony Street Clothes Davis” may not have a ring to it, necessarily, but the point is made by Barkley.

The reality is that Davis has missed long stretches of games throughout his career with both the New Orleans Pelicans and now the Lakers. It’s deflating for one of the best players in the association to seemingly constantly be dealing with some sort of injury but, it’s just been the nature of the beast for Davis.

Los Angeles looked lethargic and didn’t appear to play with much urgency in the Game 5 beatdown handed out to them by the Suns. The Lakers now trail the series 3-2 as it heads back to LA.

As great as LeBron James is and as much as he can carry the weight and has throughout his career, one thing became abundantly clear on Tuesday night. If the Lakers have any true aspirations of repeating as champions and just getting out of round one, they will need Anthony Davis to not be in street clothes.