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Colin Cowherd doesn’t think Anthony Davis would solve Lakers’ issues

Just when the Anthony Davis saga was ready to take a rest, here it is again. Colin Cowherd has opinions on what Davis could mean to the Los Angeles Lakers.

To recap a little, Davis was all but headed to the Lakers, until he wasn’t. The New Orleans Pelicans may or may not have actually wanted to trade him. Also, LeBron James and Davis share an agent, Rich Paul. This is a very brief recap, but Los Angeles likely believes they would be in playoff contention if things hadn’t fallen through.

Enter Cowherd, who does not think that Davis was the answer to all of the Lakers’ problems. There is no denying that he improves the team, but his addition would not have solved the main issue. As seen in the video above, that issue is a lack of shooters in a shooting-based league.

In Cowherd’s opinion, the best three-point shooter on the team is James. That is not a good thing. But, it is not like the team did not already know that. They traded for Reggie Bullock at the trade deadline to get some more perimeter help.

The other point brought up by Cowherd is that James does not do well when paired with high-quality big men. James is the scorer, or he will get an assist. That is where the spot-up three-point sharpshooters need to come in, which the Lakers are lacking.

The Lakers’ front office will not be able to collect a ton of them in a year, and it doesn’t seem that they care to try. If their sights are set on Davis, then we will see if Cowherd’s theory is right.