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Dwyane Wade reveals career-changing lesson he learned from Kobe Bryant

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Dwyane Wade has always been a big fan of the late, great Kobe Bryant. Wade has never been shy about expressing how much he adores the Los Angeles Lakers legend as well as the type of impact Kobe has on his own career as a basketball player.

Wade recently shared an epic Kobe Bryant story during a round of golf with Tiger Woods. In it, Wade reveals the biggest basketball lesson he learned from the Black Mamba — one that may have proven to be career-changing for Wade.

Wade and Woods got into a technical discussion about playing the angles on the golf course. Wade could not help but liken it to a valuable lesson he learned from Kobe Bryant:

“That’s crazy because like on the basketball court, I learned this from Kobe,” Wade said of the Lakers icon, via Roby Kalland of Uproxx. “Kobe played spots. So he would know, OK, like the elbow.

“You need to get there, right? He knew if I get to that spot right there that’s a money spot for me. So I need to get there. And he wasn’ looking at the rim. He was looking at the spot. He just gets to the spot. And he knew if he gets to the spot, that it was cash. It’s crazy. So I learned that from him. I was like, OK, so he played angles, he played spots. Now I started playing angles and spots.”

There are few players in the history of the sport that gets to their spot as impressively as Kobe did. Clearly, Wade incorporated this key skillset into his own game, and it resulted in no less than three NBA titles. As it turns out, D-Wade has the Lakers legend to thank for this one.