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Fearless LeBron James takes crazy logo shot despite only 2-point lead vs. Cavs

LeBron James, Lakers, Cavs

LeBron James was in a rhythm all night long in their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. He was knocking down shots from all angles of the floor and the hapless Cavaliers had no answer for The King.

Things, however, got pretty intense in the middle of the fourth quarter. The Los Angeles Lakers held a precarious 100-98 lead with only 4:45 remaining. But with LeBron having the hot hand, it was only necessary to keep feeding him the ball. As the shot clock was running down, the four-time MVP, with all the audacity in the world, took advantage of the space he was given and made a three-pointer from the logo.

The closest player to defending LeBron was Taurean Prince, who was still around 20 feet away from him. The crazy three-point bomb was a prime example of LeBron having the full arsenal as he extended their lead to five and didn’t look back. 

The deep attempt at such a critical juncture in the game would’ve been terrible for most teams. But LBJ clearly has the license from coach Frank Vogel to shoot from anywhere.

The Lakers walked away with a 115-108 victory over the Cavaliers in LeBron’s return to his old stomping grounds. He finished with a season-high 46 points on an insane 73% shooting. He also added eight rebounds, six assists, two steals, and two blocks.

The defending champions improve to an NBA-best 13-4 and remain undefeated on the road at 9-0.

With LeBron James in the groove and firing from all cylinders, the Purple and Gold will continue piling up wins.