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Lakers head coach Frank Vogel expects LeBron James, Rajon Rondo to be ‘great together’ this 2019-20


The Los Angeles Lakers are considered heavy favorites coming into the season. If you ask head coach Frank Vogel what he looks forward to the most in the coming season, it’d be the connection between Rajon Rondo and LeBron James.

He went through an in-depth interview with Mike Trudell to help Laker fans become more familiar with their new head coach. He was asked about the boons the team will have by having two exciting passers on the court. He answered that he was looking forward to it.

I think those two guys will be great together. Obviously, LeBron really likes playing with guys like Caruso, guys that can do everything and play on or off the ball, guard at a high level. So I think that’ll be the same as well. But you look at the numbers and you ask why. Sometimes the answer is evident, sometimes it’s not. Then you look, ‘Can it be tinkered with’ to make it work if it wasn’t working.’ Those are some of the things that we’re talking about now.

It’s not hard to blame his excitement at the prospect of the two dishing out incredible passes.

Rondo has built a career for himself as being one of the league’s craftiest passers. He averaged 8 assists in the 46 games he played for the Purple and Gold. His value on defense is a great bonus as well.

LeBron, in the meantime, is an unstoppable force that can do it all. He continues to defy logic with his all-around play. His outstanding bounce passes have become a staple at Staples Center.

Vogel will surely have a lot of fun leading this Lakers team this season. And if everything goes right, he may find himself coaching the Lakers at the 2020 NBA Finals.