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Gilbert Arenas asked LeBron James if he could be unpaid intern for Lakers

LeBron James Gilbert Arenas Lakers

Former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas reached out to an ex-nemesis in the hopes of learning about the ins and outs of coaching. Arenas admitted on his show, “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas,” that he asked LeBron James if he could intern for the Los Angeles Lakers. And he’s willing to do it for free.

“I hit LeBron, and I said, ‘I would like to intern for the Lakers,’ like intern coaching. I give you guys the brain and how I see the game and try to add. But I get to learn how to run practice, break down film.”

Arenas and James had a history with each other from their heated postseason battles in the mid-2000’s. LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers and Agent Zero’s Washington Wizards faced off thrice in the playoffs from 2006-2008, with James coming out the victor on every occasions.

Arenas doesn’t hold any kind of grudge or resentment towards James for knocking him off twice in the playoffs. It’s very evident with how he wants to be around James and the defending NBA champion Lakers in order.

The 3-time NBA All-Star is a true student of the game and wants to continue learning about the game of basketball. Arenas certainly knows his stuff. In fact, he offers very knowledgeable takes and advice on his show, which airs weekly every Monday. But as the 38-year old pointed out, it’s very different watching the game from his couch and on the television from being actually around a team and learning the ins and outs of being in an NBA locker room.

Gilbert Arenas would be a great addition for a top-notch organization like the Los Angeles Lakers. With his proven track record and elite basketball brain, it would definitely be great to see Hibachi around NBA circles once again.