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Ice Cube not mad Kawhi Leonard signed with Clippers over Lakers

Ice Cube, Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Lakers fan and BIG3 founder Ice Cube says he’s not mad Kawhi Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer.

Leonard, the reigning Finals MVP, signed a three-year deal with the Clippers. LA also traded for Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder to become legit title contenders.

The Lakers, who have LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the charge, are going to be an elite team next season as well, so Ice Cube isn’t that upset Leonard didn’t come to the Purple and Gold:

“I thought they would get him, but I wasn’t mad they didn’t,” Cube told Complex’s Zach Frydenlund. “Because I’m always nervous when the Lakers get two superstars at the same time. Walking in door at the same time. We got Shaq and Kobe same time. It almost didn’t work. Luckily, Kobe was a rookie. Because if Kobe was a two or three year vet, that shit wouldn’t have worked at all. And then we got Karl Malone and Gary Payton on the same day damn near, and that was a disaster. Then we got Dwight Howard and Steve Nash during the same year and that was a disaster.

“So I was thinking we would, but I wasn’t mad we didn’t. I wasn’t mad when LeBron didn’t come in the door with another superstar. I’m glad he came in, just him, had a year on the team. Now we do a year with him and AD, see how close they can get. And then if they don’t win it, you can bring another guy to get them over the hump. I’m not mad that we don’t have him. I’m not worried that he’s with the Clippers, I’ll put it that way.”

The Lakers haven’t made the playoffs since 2013. That will surely change next season since LeBron has Davis by his side.

For the first time ever, both the Lakers and Clippers are championship contenders at the same time. Basketball in Los Angeles is going to be exciting in 2019-20, though Ice Cube thinks only Clippers fans are saying there’s a true battle for the city:

“You won’t catch a Laker fan even thinking that the Clippers could even. Here [in NYC] you got the Yankees and you got the Mets. The Mets don’t have no illusions or delusions that they going to be No. 1 in New York. The Clippers are like the Mets.”

This rivalry will be fun.