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Is Lakers star LeBron James a ‘dirty player’ after fight with Isaiah Stewart?

Lakers, LeBron James, Isaiah Stewart, Pistons, Dwane Casey

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was on the receiving end of a wave of backlash after his fight with Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart.

To recall, LeBron “inadvertently” hit Stewart to the face with a closed fist early in the third quarter of the Lakers-Pistons showdown. The Detroit big man didn’t like the act–which gave him a cut and left his face bloodied–and confronted James for it. After the two were separated for the first time, Stewart wasn’t able to hold his emotions any longer and tried to run at James to start a fight.

While several people criticized Stewart for making the thing a huge mess, others also slammed LeBron for hitting his opponent on purpose. Based on the video replays, some claim that it does look like James threw his arms with force and targeted the Pistons player who was fighting for the rebound. A lot of viewers called the Lakers forward a “dirty player” for his action.

Speaking to reporters before the Pistons’ meeting with the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, Detroit head coach Dwane Casey addressed the situation. Interestingly, he expressed his understanding on the matter and shared his belief that LeBron James is not a “dirty player” as many made him to be after the altercation with Isaiah Stewart.

He also defended his player, noting that it is just an “unfortunate situation” for the two of them.

“Isaiah is no where near what you saw in the video. I think if you put 9 men in that same situation, they probably would’ve reacted – right, wrong or indifferent – in the same manner. Maybe not as extended as Isaiah took it, which was unfortunate, Casey explained, per Melissa Rohlin of FOX Sports.

“That situation is in no way a reflection of who he is. Or I don’t think LeBron’s a dirty player. I think it’s an unfortunate situation for both men.”

Both LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart had been punished for their roles in the said brawl. While they both seem to be moving on from the issue, they will be facing each other again come Sunday when the Pistons visit the Lakers at Staples Center this Sunday.