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Ivica Zubac calls out a few of his Lakers teammates for bad taste in music

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The Los Angeles Lakers have a history of trolling each other on social media and it appears Ivica Zubac is no exception. Zubac answered a question from a fan on his Instagram story and called out his Lakers teammates for their bad taste in music.

The only problem with what Zubac did here is that he didn’t call anyone out directly. Come on Zubac! The world needs to know which Lakers have ‘trash taste in music.’

If there’s one Laker we can safely assume Zubac is talking about, it’s Lonzo Ball. The former second-overall pick is a “rapper” and if his taste in music is anything like the music he puts out, oh boy.

Zubac probably isn’t talking about LeBron James because (and this is obviously subjective) James has great taste in music and likely hasn’t had a chance to be around Zubac for him to know his music taste. In December of 2017, James released “LeBron’s Unbreakable Playlist” on Apple Music and it had some hits like Crew (Remix) on it. James’ playlist includes Big K.R.I.T., Migos, SZA, Drake, and Biggie Smalls among others.

So it’s probably not James and the list definitely includes Lonzo.

But Zubac isn’t the only Laker who thinks his teammates have bad taste in music. Earlier this summer, Josh Hart caught Ball working out to the tune of his own mixtape. It’s safe to say Zubac isn’t the only Laker who is tired of hearing Lonzo Ball’s weak bars.

Weak ass rappers 🤦🏽‍♂️ @zo

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Regardless, the Lakers are set for a successful season, even if the music blaring in the locker room isn’t what Zubac wants to hear.