Lakers news: Jared Dudley reacts to ejection vs. Magic after huge skirmish
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Lakers’ Jared Dudley reacts to ejection vs. Magic after huge skirmish


Los Angeles Lakers forward Jared Dudley isn’t bothered at all at his ejection in their win over the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. For the veteran, he has to stand up for his teammates.

Peep the clip below per Spectrum Sportsnet where Dudley talks about the ejection, being ready to be called anytime, and getting his teammates in rhythm as well.

In their 96-87 win over the Magic, Dudley played 21 minutes to fill in for Kyle Kuzma who’s out with a sprained ankle. Dudley dropped nine points on 3-of-4 shooting from deep. He also snagged two rebounds.

The altercation occurred early in the fourth quarter. After the Magic were called for a foul on Dwight Howard, things got extra physical. Howard was right in the middle of a hoard of Magic players where he got pushed and elbowed. Dudley witnessed all the physicality after the whistle and stepped right in to protect his teammate.

Though the pushing and shoving were stopped immediately, Dudley kept on yapping which was deemed by the referees as an action worthy of a technical foul. But from his post-game interview, Dudley seems to be in full knowledge of his antics. He knew that the right thing to do was step in, even if it cost him a technical foul.

The Lakers will head on to Florida to face the Miami Heat on Friday — the second game of their five-game road trip.