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Klay Thompson’s dad shows proof he tried to make Warriors star a Laker

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If Mychal Thompson had his way, he would have wanted Klay Thompson to follow in his footsteps and also play for the Los Angeles Lakers. For sure, the Purple and Gold faithful would have wanted that, too.

The younger Thompson did go on to play in California like his old man, albeit in Oakland where he helped the Golden State Warriors establish a dynasty in recent years.

In a hilarious tweet on Saturday, Mychal proved that he was trying to groom Klay at a young age to be an LA fan (and hopefully a player). The retired NBA player-turned-broadcaster shared an adorable throwback photo of the Dubs sharpshooter wearing a Lakers hoodie.

Oh boy. The hypothetical thought of Klay Thompson draining triples for the Lakers does bring a lot of smiles to LA fans. Thompson, after all, has been around LA growing up. He was born in Los Angeles before his family moved to Oregon.

The Thompsons eventually returned to California in Ladera Ranch when Klay was 14, as he played high school in Santa Margarita.

Mychal Thompson, on the other hand, won back-to-back NBA titles with the Lakers in 1987 and ’88. Klay eventually eclipsed him and won three titles with the Warriors, but for sure Mychal would have preferred if he won those in a purple and gold uniforms instead.

But as much as we are all intrigued by the idea of Klay in a Lakers jersey, his health is still of paramount importance at the moment. The five-time All-Star has missed his second season in a row after tearing his Achilles in the offseason.