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Former Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant gives one TV show stamp of approval

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant does not miss any aspect of playing competitive NBA basketball but has at least taken on a mentor role for players when he’s called for advice or training. Players such as Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, and Kyle Kuzma are among those who have reached out to Bryant for pearls of wisdom, or some form of game analysis.

He is currently enjoying his new life after retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers and seems to have found his niche in the area of film and production.

One of Bryant’s first ventures post-retirement brought Kobe Studios to life which produced the short film Dear Basketball that was welcomed with a warm reception. It was so good in fact that it was nominated for a 2018 Oscar award for best animated short.

The film itself consists of his own story from childhood, dreaming of becoming a professional basketball player and realizing that dream as it’s expressed by narration. That was one of Bryant’s projects but he seems to be just getting started.

Actress/Producer of the show How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis, posted a tweet with Bryant which brought on suspensions that he may appear on your local television program soon.

TMZ caught up with Bryant on UCLA’s campus Saturday night where he attended the Annie Awards to ask him about appearing on the show, but Bryant dismissed the notion, saying he was still learning about the production process as he moved on to sign autographs.

Shortly afterward TMZ caught up with Davis to ask her if Bryant would be on the show due to his appearance at the shows reading.

Davis gave a hint but would not disclose any details of the show, nor would she say if Bryant would guest star on the show soon.

If her smile meant anything at all, we can probably expect the 6-7 World Champion to be honored as a victim on the show soon enough.