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Kyle Kuzma can’t wait to rock Spurs’ DeMar DeRozan’s unreleased Kobe’s

Kyle Kuzma

The sneakerhead community was absolutely pumped when San Antionio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan recently debuted Nike’s latest Kobe Bryant sneakers. Perhaps none more than Los Angeles Lakers incoming sophomore Kyle Kuzma, who took to Twitter to share his enthusiasm.

DeRozan previewed the unreleased Kobe Bryant A.D. pair in a recent Drew League game, and a lot of people, including Kuzma, were very excited about the prospect of getting their hands on the latest Kobe’s.

Kuzma has always been a big fan of Bryant. The 23-year-old holds the former Laker in very high regard, and at one point even penning an open letter to KobeΒ to express his gratitude for all the latter has contributed to the Lakers organization and the game of basketball in general.

Kuzma’s admiration is not a one-way street, as Bryant himself has also been reciprocal with his belief in the young man’s potential.

Having played the in the league for a good 20 years, Bryant knows more than just a thing or two about the sport. He appears to have seen something in Kuzma, and considers the kid to be a crucial part of the Lakers’ core.

Bryant has not exactly passed on the torch to Kuzma, but given how naturally talented and hard-working this young man is, it would not be surprising if he ends up to be the next face of the Lakers franchise for years to come. Kobe would likely approve.