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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma drops hilarious reaction to Paul Pierce’s shenanigans

Lakers, Kyle Kuzma, Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce took part in a questionable video that surfaced on Saturday, causing athletes to respond to the video. Among the players in the NBA who shared their reactions to the video that Pierce had was Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma. The Utah Utes product tweeted his thoughts on the matter.

The video happened on Pierce’s Instagram Live on Friday night, where he was seen playing poker with friends. The former small forward for the Boston Celtics was seen with strippers in the video, who were dancing around him despite him being a married man.

It remains to be seen if Pierce, who works for ESPN on The Jump and NBA Countdown, will receive any punishment for his actions from Friday night. Even though Pierce works for a well-respected company and is married, he continued to keep his Instagram Live rolling, showing what he was doing with friends.

Kuzma, an NBA player who plays for a big-market team like the Lakers, understands that the behind-the-scenes occurrences in his life are always captured. The young Lakers forward spoke about his life earlier this year, highlighting that he’s done some ‘growing up’ in the past year.

While Pierce has to answer for what unfolded on his Instagram Live, Kuzma is using this time to poke fun at the legendary forward for his seemingly questionable decisions.