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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma fires back at fan questioning his Christmas Day outfit

Kyle Kuzma, Lakers

Before the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas, Kyle Kuzma wore an outfit that caught the attention of many fans, as well as his teammates.

As one might expect, fans had fun in the replies of an Instagram post from Kuzma’s official account. He fired back at one fan though, saying that his outfit is “something you can’t afford.”

The Lakers got Kuzma back in the lineup on Sunday during the team’s matchup with the Denver Nuggets. He was previously sidelined to recover from a left ankle injury. He totaled 16 points and four rebounds after 22 minutes of action in the said game.

It has been an interesting season for Kuzma so far. He is currently averaging 11.3 points and 3.4 rebounds in 21 appearances. It’s important to note that the the arrival of Anthony Davis has naturally translated to a decline in Kuzma’s production in statistical areas since there just isn’t as much to go around.

However, averaging only 23 minutes will certainly impact volume output, too. As Kuzma finds his rhythm and his conditioning improves back to its regular level, it’s expected that his production will increase considerably. Regardless, he likely won’t be able to get enough shots to average 18.7 points as he did during his rookie campaign.

This year’s holiday season is extra special for Kuzma, so it’s unlikely the negative comments will have much impact on his Christmas spirit. He hasn’t been able to be with his family for the last seven years because of the pursuit of a professional basketball career requiring him to go to prep school before playing at Utah.