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Kyle Kuzma reacts to Josh Hart sticking rookie Jaxson Hayes with turnover at end of game

Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart

Josh Hart may be playing for the New Orleans Pelicans nowadays, but that doesn’t mean Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma will stop having fun with his former teammate.

Hart, one of the latest faces for various NBA-related memes, pulled a fast one on rookie Jaxson Hayes late in the game against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night. With the shot clock running out in the final moments, Hart gave Hayes the ball so he could be stuck with the turnover.

Kuzma was amused:

Hart responded:

This is not the first time Hart has done something hilarious on the court. Many will remember the bewildered face he made when James Harden hit himself in the face with the basketball. Others still chuckle when they remember how he was left hanging by Zion Williamson and had to finish his high-five by himself.

It was certainly all fun and games for Hart and the Pelicans in this game. New Orleans finally won its first game of the season with an impressive 122-107 victory over one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Hart had a quiet game with three points in 27 minutes, but he’ll take the win.

As for Kyle Kuzma, he’ll be returning to the court to make his season debut against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night.