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Ex-Laker Kyle Kuzma takes shot at ‘clowns’ Shaq, Charles Barkley, NBA analysts

Lakers Kyle Kuzma Shaq Charles Barkley Kendrick Perkins

Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma has heard his fair share of criticism from talking heads around the league. Kuz struggled to live up to the third star role behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis that many projected for him on the Los Angeles Lakers.

The former Lakers star didn’t mince words when taking a shot at these same critics as “clowns” for not being as respectful to the game as their NFL counterparts.

“NFL player turned analyst maturity level talking about & analyzing their respected sport is far superior to the NBA guys,” said Kyle Kuzma. “Too many clowns and thirst…those guys help you understand the sport.”

Kuzma didn’t name names, but a few prominent figures come to mind whenever you talk about former NBA players turned analysts. Guys like Charles Barkley, Kendrick Perkins, and Lakers icon Shaquille O’Neal have had a penchant for mockery against the players of today. Some would say that their criticisms often border on being excessive, especially with the modern game being vastly different from the throwback eras of yesteryear.

Kyle Kuzma himself has a chance to give these analysts something to chew on in his new situation with the Wizards. Maybe he’ll be able to change the narrative around him that built up during his last couple of years with the Lakers.