Lakers news: Kyle Kuzma trolls Jamal Crawford for still looking so young
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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma trolls Jamal Crawford for still looking so young

Kyle Kuzma, Lakers, Jamal Crawford

Self-care is one of the most underrated aspects of being an adult. We must watch what we eat and drink, as it becomes a reflection of how we look. It’s becoming the new norm for the 2010s, and getting the right rest and not overexerting ourselves also play into self-care. For NBA free agent Jamal Crawford, it appears he has done all the right things to aid his baby face.

At 39 years old, if someone didn’t know who he was, Crawford could easily go for an adult in his 20s.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma peeps this, too. Crawford paid a visit to star high school basketball prospect Cade Cunningham and documented it via Twitter:

Kuzma decides to rib Crawford for his youthfulness, implying that Crawford was visiting schools just like Cunningham:

Taking it all in stride, Crawford then joked that he still has three years left of eligibility:

Currently, Jamal Crawford is a free agent looking for a new NBA home. Ironically, it’s probably Crawford’s age that’s keeping him off an opening-night roster.

Also, Crawford’s game doesn’t adapt to the analytically driven league. While Crawford can still score in bunches, his high-volume, low-efficiency method doesn’t translate to today’s NBA.

Either way, Crawford may become a model for NBA athletes to take care of their bodies even as they age. Maybe, Kyle Kuzma will model Jamal Crawford’s plan as he ages, too.