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Los Angeles shows love for Kobe Bryant, Gianna amid massive protests

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Gianna Bryant

Despite some of the protests in the nation turning ugly, residents of LA continue to honor the late Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna by respecting the sanctity of several murals spread across the city.

Vandals have attacked several shops and businesses throughout the city, but they’ve made sure to steer clear of any artwork depicting the fallen Lakers legend.

Here’s a tweet showing several untouched Kobe and Gianna murals:

Sadly, several peaceful protests across the country quickly turned into rioting and looting, with some protesters opting to express their frustration and anger in unlawful ways. The city of Los Angeles was not spared, with a number of shops and businesses victimized by looting and vandalism.

Nevertheless, the fact that the murals of Kobe and his daughter remain unblemished speaks volumes of how much love and respect everyone has for the former Lakers superstar.

LeBron James, another prominent personality in the Lakers organization, has been very vocal about the gripping issues that have captivated the whole nation. He has sent out several tweets condemning the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last Monday, as well as his full support for the peaceful protesters that have taken to the streets to voice out their anger.

At times like these, it’s hard not to miss Kobe Bryant. He was a leader of the community, and he certainly would have had a thing or two to say about all the social injustices that have mired the nation of late. Rest in peace, Mamba.