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Lakers’ Lance Stephenson focused on winning every game despite outside doubts

Lance Stephenson, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are largely seen as a trial run coming into this year, despite signing the biggest free agent on the market in LeBron James. Lance Stephenson, one of many players signed to a one-year deal in order to maximize flexibility heading into next season, is solely focused on the upcoming 2018-19 season, despite the outside doubts surrounding the team.

“My attitude is win every game,” Stephenson told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “I approach a game like it’s a playoff game. When I’m out there, it may look like I’m joking around, but I’m very serious and having fun and trying to communicate with my team as much as possible.”

The belief is that the Lakers will make a jump based on James’ addition, which will propel them to more wins based on his skill and sheer determination to win, a factor Stephenson is taking into major consideration.

“The focus and communications skills with everyone starts with LeBron,” he said of James. “His communications skills are incredible, and it’s contagious and it helps the whole team.”

The Brooklynite has been working arduously on his outside shooting, knowing the dire need the Lakers have for 3-point shooting with no clear specialists and two non-shooting point guards in Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo. He has only made 1-of-7 in five preseason games thus far, but is confident his work this summer will translate into makes and more wins after going 35-47 last season.