Lakers news: Lance Stephenson looking to sign a long-term deal next summer
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Lance Stephenson looking to sign a long-term deal next summer

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson has been a true NBA journeyman having been on seven different teams since coming into the league in 2010. Stephen signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers to play alongside LeBron James and will be a free agent again next summer.

Stephenson is hoping that is when he will finally get some team security and lock into a long-term deal with one team and opened up about his future plans in an exclusive interview with Vigilant Sports:

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely looking for a long-term contract after this. I’m trying to find a home. I’ve been moving a lot and to different teams. I’m trying to find a place where I can actually call home and feel comfortable, and actually get a nice place and stay there for a while.”

Stephenson has spent most of his career with the Pacers and has even played two different stints with them. For now, Stephenson is focused on this year with the Lakers, but he also wouldn’t rule out a return to Indiana.

“You never know, man. My job right now is to kill this year and find a home. This is a big opportunity playing with one of the greatest to ever play the game. Always playing against him now to play with him, it’s going to be different.”

Stephenson is an energy guy and fans seem to love him wherever he goes. At times, he has been inconsistent with his play on the court which probably limited his market a bit this summer. A good year with the Lakers and anything good happen.