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LaVar Ball criticizes coaching staff’s handling of his son Lonzo

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LaVar Ball just won’t leave the Los Angeles Lakers alone and his most recent antic involves a criticism of how the team handles his son Lonzo.

The outspoken father blamed the Lakers for Lonzo’s rather poor shooting percentage from the free-throw line. In 52 games, Ball was at 45.1 percent — a horrendous statistic given his position at the point.

For Lavar, the Lakers aren’t doing their job properly. Speaking as a guest on Chris Broussard’s In The Zone, he said:

“The free-throw line, he was just throwing the ball up there, man. And they don’t know how to tell him.”

LaVar imagined what he would’ve done if he were to train Lonzo:

“Me, I would’ve told him, ‘Hey man, put the ball in the hole and quite f’ing around. If you’re gonna play, play. If you not, don’t even do nothing, but let somebody else just pass the ball, man.  They don’t do him like that.”

“He responds to that because that’s the way I got him,” he added. “I don’t respond to him like, ‘Hey Lonzo, what do you think, man? You’re gonna be alright.’”

Below is the full video:

The elder Ball is notorious for such antics. When Lonzo was still in UCLA, he also criticized head coach Steve Alford for being passive in dealing with his son. He displayed similar behavior towards the head coach of Lithuanian ball club Vytautas during LiAngelo and LaMelo’s stint there.

Though it’s easy to lambast LaVar for such antics, he’s just looking after the welfare of his sons. The best we could do is understand his side.