Lakers news: LaVar Ball doesn't think LA is LeBron James' team
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LaVar Ball doesn’t think Lakers are LeBron James’ team

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Just when we thought LaVar Ball was beginning to speak more sensibly, he comes out and says things like the Los Angeles Lakers are Lonzo Ball’s team and not LeBron James’. Instantly, we are brought back to reality, and remember that Ball is living in his own alternate reality.

Ball was recently interviewed in a radio program called The Cruz Show of Power 106 FM in L.A. According to the Ball family patriarch, there is no question that the Lakers are his son’s team, and went on to eloquently belabor his point.

“You say what you want but we know what it is,” claimed Ball. “I told you — Lonzo didn’t go to Cleveland. LeBron came here to L.A. We already over here.”

Based on his logic, the Lakers are Lonzo’s team simply because he was there first. He fails to take into account all the accomplishments James has achieved in his decorated career and is simply banking on tenure. When in fact, his son only has a one-year head start on James who has been in the league for the past 15 years.

Ball took it a step further by saying that LeBron would not be in a position to teach his son anything Lonzo doesn’t already know, and vice versa.

“He can’t learn nothing from Lonzo, and Lonzo can’t learn nothing from him,” added Ball. “What they gotta do is win together. They both know how to win so that’s the main thing.”

We can all agree on LaVar’s final statement here. The Lakers brought in LeBron to L.A. to win, and hopefully, success will come sooner rather than later.