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Lakers superstar LeBron James approves of Bronny’s first-ever tattoos

LeBron James, Bronny James

Now at 17 years of age, Bronny James is nearly a grown man. He recently went through a right of passage by getting his first tattoos, and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James clearly approves.

The official Instagram account of Los Angeles-based tattoo shop Ganga Tattoo recently posted a handful of snaps of Bronny getting his first ink done. There weren’t any photos of the actual pieces, but the caption did thank LeBron for his “trust:”

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Based on the photos, Bronny got at least four tattoos done — one under his left ear, another at the back of his neck, and a piece on each of his inner wrists.

The owner of Ganga Tattoo is Joaquin Ganga, who has had his fair share of celebrity clients. It also appears that LeBron James himself was in attendance during his son’s first-ever tattoo session. In fact, it looks like the Lakers talisman also decided to get some ink done as well:


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What a great honor it was for Ganga to get tattoed by LeBron. Naturally, the renowned artist had to request a crown tattoo from The King himself. That’s epic.

Now that he’s had his first taste of the needle, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bronny ends up getting more tattoos in the near future. His dad has more than a few pieces across his body, and it is clear that LeBron has nothing against his son getting inked up as well.