Lakers news: LeBron James doubles down on 'load management' stance, insists he's going to play if healthy
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Lakers’ LeBron James doubles down on ‘load management’ stance, insists he’s going to play if healthy


Amid various team’s penchant for letting their star players sit out citing ‘load management,’ Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James double-downed on his stance. In his 17th season, James insists that he’ll play wherever he’s healthy and won’t sit out just to rest.

In the Lakers’ 26 games this season, James has played and started and every single one. This is contrary to the likes of Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks who have sat out in several games to rest. Teams believe that ‘load management’ is essential since they want their star players to be fully healthy come the postseason.

However, from a business standpoint and to the point of view of the fans, ‘load management’ is not beneficial. After all, some fans make spend lots of time and money to watch games live just to see these stars play. Then, out of the blue, it turns out that they won’t be playing not because they’re injured, but simply because they want to rest. Taking time off for just a game or two in the long season can go a long way especially for a team that’s contending for a title.

But for James, his goal is not just to win the title, but to serve as an inspiration to the kids who are looking at his every single move out there on the court. As long as he can play, James will suit up and give it everything he’s got.