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Lakers star LeBron James gets slammed by Kyle Rittenhouse’s camp over fake crying accusations

Lakers, LeBron James, Kyle Rittenhouse

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is never one to shy away from political events. The four-time NBA champ recently weighed in on the Kyle Rittenouse trial as LeBron mocked the 18-year-old for fake crying as he took the witness stand on Wednesday.

The Lakers star’s accusation quickly went viral and this was not taken lightly by Rittenhouse’s camp. Dave Hancock, who currently serves as Rittenhouse’s spokesperson, slammed LeBron for his comments while also taking a dig at the currently struggling Lakers:

“It absolutely was not [fake crying]. To LeBron, I would just say he should be paying more attention to the Lakers,” Hancock said during an appearance on America’s Newsroom (h/t Nikolas Lanum of Fox Sports)

“But, if he would like to have a sitdown at some point in time, I’m sure he and Kyle can talk about how we can change and fix the system that allows prosecutors to do what they’re doing to Kyle right now.”

On Wednesday, LeBron sent out this tweet criticizing Rittenhouse for what he believes was a futile attempt at trying to gain empathy from the public. Needless to say, James wasn’t buying it:

To be fair, it isn’t only LeBron who had a similar reaction to Rittenhouse’s court breakdown. More than a few folks from around the nation also believe that the 18-year-old was faking it. After all, as James pointed out, Rittenhouse didn’t actually have any tears during his moment of despair.

Rittenhouse is currently facing several charges of homicide from the shooting incident that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August last year. Rittenhouse shot and killed two men while also injuring another during a number of armed confrontations amid the Jacob Blake protests in the city.