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LeBron James gives game-worn shoes to Grizzlies ball girl


Late in the fourth quarter of their 111-88 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James gave his game-worn sneakers to a Grizzlies ball girl. That person also happened to be a long-time LeBron fan.

Following the game, James explained why he made the kind gesture, per Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times.

James has great attention to detail and notices even the littlest of things. In his explanation, the three-time NBA champion said that he always sees the Grizzlies ball girl sporting an exclusive pair of his LeBron’s every time he visits Memphis. He said that he spoke to the girl for the first time today, and found out that she is a long time supporter of his.

In the clip below care of Twitter user @__Almxghty , James was seen handing his game-worn shoes to the girl, who was in tears, and hugged her after. 

LeBron James is perhaps the only superstar whose on-court accomplishments is on par with his off-the-court work. James is one of the most outspoken advocates in the league and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on certain social issues. Moreover, his contributions to society are second-to-none.

Most importantly, despite his incredibly high megastar status, the best player in the world isn’t shy to show his love and appreciation to fans, even if they support the opposing squad.

Nonetheless, this girl is certified Team LeBron. Hence, she got to bring home another exclusive pair of LeBron sneakers to her collection. This one, however, came from James himself. Classy move from The King.

Never change, Mr. James. Never change.