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LeBron James has infamous history with new Lakers coach

The Los Angeles Lakers added another member to their squad ahead of the 2020-21 season. It’s not the player who’s going to fill LA’s final roster spot, though, as this recent addition comes in the form of a new assistant coach for Frank Vogel.

According to NBA insider Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the Lakers have hired John Lucas III to be part of Vogel’s coaching staff:

If Lucas’ name rings a bell for you,  it’s not because he was an All-Star or a prominent member of any of his teams. To be fair, he was a relatively good player, but he is perhaps most remembered for being the victim of one of LeBron James’ most disrespectful dunks.

LeBron once jumped over an opposing player during a game and that player happened to be John Lucas. Here’s that infamous moment to refresh your memory:

LeBron got him cleanly there and this remains to be one of the most memorable dunks in the history of the NBA. I’m pretty sure there are going to be some rumblings about this moment in the Lakers locker room as soon as Lucas arrives as an assistant coach.

Speaking about jumping over opponents, there is no better example of that than Vince Carter’s jaw-dropping dunk during the 2000 Olympics. Here’s a clip of that epic slam because why not:

More recently, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant recently attempted a similar feat against one of LeBron’s good friends in Kevin Love. It’s a shame this audacious attempt didn’t go in, but it definitely makes for one of the best almost-dunks in the history of the sport:

Even LeBron James would have been proud of that moment. For new Lakers assistant coach John Lucas, however, seeing all this will probably bring back some bad memories.