Lakers news: LeBron James hits crazy play, chats with Rajon Rondo
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Video: Lakers’ LeBron James hits crazy and-1 play over Spurs, chats with Rajon Rondo

lebron james, rajon rondo

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James pulled off yet another highlight-reel move in Wednesday night’s 121-113 victory against the San Antonio Spurs.

LeBron James gave the Lakers a huge boost of momentum with an aggressive drive through the lane to pick up the basket and the foul.

After the sick play, he decided to let everyone in Staples Center know how he was feeling, including Lakers teammate Rajon Rondo.

Following the awesome conversion, LeBron James and Rondo had a nice little celebratory staredown.

This is one of many excellent plays that James has made during his career, and he’s been a dominant force in the fourth quarter of this particular matchup against the Spurs.

There’s never any doubt that when the game gets close in the fourth quarter, LeBron James is going to be the person with the ball in his hands. And more often than not, the Lakers star finds a way to deliver, just like he did in his 42-point effort Wednesday night.

LeBron James was averaging 27.8 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game entering tonight’s game in Los Angeles, and he’s obviously given the franchise a massive boost of momentum since leaving Cleveland.

With James leading the way, there’s going to be more excitement to come for Laker fans as he’ll undoubtedly have this team back near the top of the league soon enough.

The Lakers are now 15-9 on the season and will head to San Antonio for the rematch with the Spurs on Friday.