Lakers news: LeBron James, Nick Young's exchange on LA legends list
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LeBron James, Nick Young have funny exchange on Lakers’ all-time greats

lebron james, nick young

On Thursday, Nick Young and LeBron James shared some banter on Twitter. Young used to be the starting shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers after Kobe Bryant retired. However, they moved on from him as soon as they began to rebuild with players like Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram.

Young tweeted out that James took his spot on the Lakers. The superstar forward thought this was hilarious and tweeted back at the Young.

LeBron James coming to Los Angeles was an earth-shaking move. Though some expected it, it allowed the Lakers to retool and make a team that could challenge the Golden State Warriors. Even though the Lakers’ young players are still developing and they don’t have a championship contending roster quite yet, the team is brimming with potential.

Lonzo Ball will make an excellent backcourt combination with whoever the team decides to acquire next to him. Brandon Ingram is a potential trading asset that will make an excellent primary ball-handler and the sixth man. Kyle Kuzma can be an elite scoring stretch four and make buckets with the best of them. Josh Hart is budding into the three-and-D guard that James had always needed.

The Lakers have their sights on a promising future. Whoever they are able to acquire in the will make them a potential finals contender, especially if the Warriors break up their core.