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Laker star LeBron James’ strong message for Chris Paul in first NBA Finals

Lakers, LeBron James, Suns, Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James attended Game 5 of the 2021 NBA Finals in Phoenix, and he made sure to express his support to his good friend Chris Paul.

Amid the Phoenix Suns’ battle with the Milwaukee Bucks, LeBron spoke about Paul making it to the Finals. He shared that he has always been in full support of the veteran playmaker, and he has nothing but admiration for his brother.

“I’m proud as hell for CP. I’m here for CP. He came to my first Finals appearance, and this is me giving it back to him. We support each other … We’ve been a brotherhood since we came into the league,” the Lakers forward shared, via ESPN.

For what it’s worth, LeBron James was criticized before for seemingly snubbing Chris Paul when he and the Suns won the Western Conference Finals in Staples Center. The Lakers superstar was actually across the street from Staples in the LA Convention Center watching a WNBA game instead of the conference finale, which didn’t sit well for some people like Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless.

Bayless slammed LeBron for being “childish” and trying to upstage his friend. It also sparked assumptions that there is a beef between the two because of the lack of public support to Paul from the Lakers leader.

However, Paul recently revealed that he has been in communication with LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony–his Banana Boat brothers. CP3 shared that they have all wished him good luck and shown him their support throughout the Suns’ NBA Finals journey.

While LeBron has been more vocal lately on his support of Paul, it is certainly great to see him attend the game. It’s a nice gesture that should shut down any rumor about their relationship.