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Lakers’ LeBron James’ view on playing with Bronny in the NBA

Lakers, LeBron James, Danny Green

Despite proving to be one of — if not the best player in the planet by leading the Los Angeles Lakers to an historic 17th title in franchise history this past season — talk of his impending retirement continues to hound LeBron James. He’s pretty much done it all throughout his illustrious 17-year career, and at this point, there is a general belief that one of his primary motivations for staying at the top of his game is to be able to play with his son, Bronny, a few years from today. James’ Lakers teammate Danny Green has weighed in on this notion.

Green confirmed that this is a dream that continues to live on within LeBron:

“I think he would love to,” Green said, via Adam Zagoria of Forbes. “I don’t know if his body will hold up for another three years. I don’t think he wants to play in the NBA and not be able to play at the level that he’s playing at right now. And I think three years from now it will be tough. The way he ‘s going, I would assume most people are a shell of themselves 20 years later.

“But I’m sure he would love to play with Bronny.”

As Green described above, Bronny won’t be eligible to play in the NBA until another three years. LeBron is going to be 38 at that point, and despite his superhuman showing this previous campaign, it’s hard to imagine that he’s still going to be playing at the same level three years down the road.

Then again, this is exactly what the doubters said a year or so ago. If there’s anything James has proven this past season, it’s the fact that we should never count him out.