The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in possession of the best record in a ruthless Western Conference. The pairing of LeBron James and Anthony Davis has been nothing short of tremendous, and this has been the biggest factor of L.A.'s undeniable success this season.

However, one area that is perhaps being overlooked by most is the coaching. The Lakers do have two of the best players in the league today in James and Davis, and this has been part and parcel of the team's success this term, but also, at least some credit has to be given to men behind the scenes, right?

Aside from head coach Frank Vogel — who has done quite a stellar job in his own right — another man that has been integral to L.A.'s coaching staff is Hall of Famer and assistant coach Jason Kidd. As a matter of fact, LeBron himself holds Kidd in very high regard. This is via Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN.

One of those primary assistants would be Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd, whom two sources have independently said James regards as the only person alive who sees the game of basketball with his level of clarity.

You can be sure that LeBron has and will continue to have a ton of influence in the team's front office, and that he will have a huge say in the team's decisions when it comes to the coaching personnel. This high level of respect from James should have a significant effect on Kidd's job security moving forward.