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LeBron James way better than Michael Jordan, declares controversial tennis star

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Oh look, it’s another LeBron James and Michael Jordan GOAT debate. People just can’t get enough of it. The fact that we’re writing about it again and you reading this article only validates that.

But this time around, it’s not a current superstar or an NBA legend who weighed in on the whole global conundrum of Who’s Better Between LeBron and MJ? But nevertheless, he’s quite controversial: Tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

In a video recently posted by the ATP Tour on Instagram, Kyrgios was asked the age-old question. The fiery Australian, as expected, gave a bold answer.

“LeBron’s better than Jordan. Not even a debate.”

If it’s not even a debate, why are we still here? So sorry, Kyrgios, yes, it’s definitely a debate. Of course, LeBron haters would bombard Kyrgios with the familiar insults of not knowing his basketball or for being an apologist for The King. But LeBron lovers would beg to disagree, pointing out LBJ’s body of work throughout the years compared to Jordan’s accomplishments.

But at this point, there’s really no wrong answer anymore. The incessant GOAT discussions are entertaining, to say the least. It’s part of the whole NBA experience. Jordan already knows he’s still widely considered the GOAT, but even though he doesn’t say it aloud, LeBron probably thinks he’s snagged the title away from His Airness.

Kyrgios, known for his in-game meltdowns and hot temper, is a basketball fan, so he’s not just a bandwagon guy. But as we all know, the real GOAT between LeBron James and Michael Jordan is Novak Djokovic.