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Luke Walton turns to meditation in hopes of addressing free throw woes

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the worst shooting free throw teams in the NBA. After shooting a dismal 2-14 from the free throw line on Friday night against the Pacers, the Lakers are officially shooting 68 percent from the line.

Although the Lakers ended up winning the game 99-86, head coach Luke Walton has expressed his concerns towards the Lakers’ terrible shooting from the charity stripe. In fact, he believes that meditation will be a factor to improving his team’s free throw shooting, after talking to the media on Saturday.

“Free throws are more mental than anything,” Walton told reporters Saturday, saying he already set up one session for the team last month. “We’re gonna keep doing it in hopes that some of the young guys can pick it up and get into it. Your mind is like a muscle – it can be trained. It needs work, it needs quiet time, especially in today’s world that we live in with social media and constant stimulation to your phone all day.”

Meditation is a common practice to clear your mind, and it is regularly used throughout the NBA, even by Walton’s former head coach Phil Jackson. Meditation may not be a quick remedy to the Lakers’ shooting woes, but Walton believes that concentration and focus will snap the Lakers out of their funk sooner or later.

At this point of the season, all Walton can do is be patient as the Lakers try to find success. Hopefully, the Lakers will gain a foothold on free throw shooting when they play the Knicks.