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Ex-Lakers president Magic Johnson gets ripped for tweet about Raptors-Bucks

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In the least surprising NBA news of the night, former Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson sent out an extremely amusing Tweet about his basketball-viewing plans for the evening.

Ahead of Game 4 in the Eastern Conference Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks, Johnson provided an innocuous update on his snacking plans for the occasion.

Sure Magic, Twitter is a place where people can provide close-up glimpses of their lives — no matter how trivial or mundane — such as what flavor of popcorn an NBA Hall of Famer is planning on enjoying while watching a game.

However, not unexpectedly, the internet came out in full force to flame Magic’s banal Tweet with some spice regarding his newsworthy recent life. Lakers fans immediately latched onto the Tweet as an excuse to lay into Johnson for some of the more peculiar moves the team under Johnson’s tenure as team president.

Perhaps the most notable gaffe that Johnson made during his time as President (other than surrounding LeBron James with player archetypes that he has a proven track record of not playing well with) was trading up-and-coming big man Ivica Zubac for down-on-his-luck stretch five Mike Muscala — a deal that LA Clippers advisor Jerry West reportedly laughed about afterwards.

Either way, thank goodness Magic Johnson is back where he belongs: not working for an NBA team but rather on his couch, tweeting out internet gold while munching on Skinny Pop. Never change, Magic.