Lakers news: Melody Morales shares special moment with Magic Johnson
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Melody Morales shares special moment with Lakers’ Magic Johnson

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Fitness Instagrammer Melody Morales shared a special moment with Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson.

Morales saw a spike in her popularity during the Lakers’ home game against the Golden State Warriors. Almost everyone lost their mind upon seeing her seated behind LeBron James, not because of any connection with the four-time MVP but due to her stunning looks; plain and simple.

The Lakers went on to lose the game, but her Instagram account must have won a new horde of followers after Monday night.

Magic Johnson’s team, though, continue their slide during the absences of both James and Rajon Rondo. James should be coming back fairly soon. However, his camp has made it clear that he’ll take as much time as he needs to regroup.

The front office now has the job of bettering the roster before the trade deadline hits. Don’t be surprised if Pelinka and Johnson add some talent sometime soon.

The Lakers are considered as buyers with Feb. 7 nearing. Josh Hart, Ivica Zubac, and Moritz Wagner were rumored to be available in trade talks with others teams. Meanwhile, point guard Lonzo Ball saw his name being placed back on the list of untouchables.

Then again, if the New Orleans Pelicans decide to call the Lakers for an Anthony Davis package — although highly unlikely — it would be safe to assume that only LeBron James will be deemed untouchable.