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Lakers’ Michael Beasley gets ejected after scuffle with Warriors’ Draymond Green

Michael Beasley, Draymond Green

Things got a little chippy between Michael Beasley and Draymond Green in the preseason contest between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors on Friday night. This resulted in an ejection for Beasley, which upon review, proved to be an erroneous call by the game officials.

Minutes into the second half of the matchup, Beasley took exception to a foul committed by Green on him. Beasley felt that Green was being a bit too physical and ensured he made his feelings known. However, what followed was one of the weirdest things we’ve seen this offseason.

Without having a very good view of the incident, one of the referees assumed that Beasley was re-engaging Green and deemed that the latter deserved a second technical foul and an ensuing ejection from the ballgame.

Here’s a clip of the peculiar incident:


From this angle, it is clear that Beasley was simply trying to de-escalate the situation. You can even see with Green’s reaction to the referee’s call in which he seemed to try to defend Beasley’s actions. This was to no avail as the match officials were already set on throwing out Beasley off the playing court.

As it appears, even referees need the preseason to sharpen their proficiency. They too have taken advantage of the summer break to rest and recuperate, and as made evident by this occurrence, will also need some time to get back to regular-season form.

The Lakers came out on top 119-105 behind a huge second half that resulted in two victories against the defending champions in the span of a few days.