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VIDEO: Ex-Lakers star Pau Gasol draws epic Dikembe Mutombo comparison after impressive EuroLeague showing

Lakers, Pau Gasol, Dikembe Mutombo

Former Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol has been making quite an impression in the EuroLeague. The 40-year-old veteran recently signed with his FC Barcelona in his native of Spain for what appears to be a swansong campaign for the EuroLeague legend.

Gasol isn’t just there for the free ride though, as the six-time NBA All-Star has actually been dominating on both ends of the floor. So much so, that Gasol’s defensive presence has drawn comparisons to another legendary big man in Dikembe Mutombo:

Mutombo is one of the greatest defensive centers we’ve ever seen in the NBA, and on this particular occasion, Gasol showcased his shot-blocking prowess ala Dikembe. For a second there we thought that he was going to bust out the Mutombo finger wag after the emphatic swat.

It’s not all about defense for Pau Gasol too, as he also came up with an impressive and-one play on the opposite side of the floor. The former Lakers star was never really considered as a defensive stalwart during his time in the NBA, but in his peak, his offensive game was second to none.

Pau Gasol did look gassed after converting the and-one bucket. It is clear that he is no longer in the same physical condition that he was in during his younger days, so at this point, we better just enjoy Gasol’s basketball genius while we still can.