Lakers news: Rajon Rondo admits missing flight for his cameo on 'Uncut Gems'
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Lakers PG Rajon Rondo admits missing flight for his cameo on ‘Uncut Gems’

Rajon Rondo, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo has admitted that he missed his flight for his cameo on “Uncut Gems,” a movie which stars Adam Sandler.

Per Bill Oram of The Athletic, Rondo said that he didn’t want to take a private jet to fly out to the shoot. Kevin Garnett, his former Boston Celtics teammate, has a cameo on the film.

It’s definitely an unfortunate incident. Rondo could’ve marked the beginning of a career in Hollywood but missed it.

Despite this, Rondo should still be pleased with his day job as the point guard for the Lakers. After all, they are currently on a seven-game winning streak with a 24-3 record for first place in the West. Rondo has embraced his role as the leader of the second unit, averaging 7.9 points. 3.4 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 1.1 steal across 21.3 minutes.

During critical moments of the game, head coach Frank Vogel fields Rondo together with LeBron James. It gives James an opportunity to be on scoring mode, as well as having another great basketball mind out there on the floor.

But what people have noticed is Rondo’s improved shooting, something that was not in his game until this season. Per game, he makes about 1.4 3-pointers at 47.5 percent shooting. As such, gone are the days when defenses slack off him when he’s behind the 3-point line. Now, whenever Rondo has the ball, teams have to be wary of the 3-point shot or a playmaking display.