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Lakers vet Rajon Rondo drops truth bomb on Anthony Davis-Dwight Howard relationship

Lakers, Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard

Friday night’s loss against the Phoenix Suns proved to be quite a test for the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only was it another disappointing loss, but to make matters worse, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard were involved in a heated spat during a timeout.

Unsurprisingly, the incident has garnered a lot of attention from in and around the NBA. Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo has provided some insight about the incident as he shared the type of relationship AD and Dwight have:

“It can happen, you know, (stuff) happens all the time,” Rondo said Saturday (h/t Mirjam Swanson of the Los Angeles Daily News). “But nevertheless, those two guys, I wouldn’t say they’re best friends, but they get along very well. Dwight’s my best friend some days, A.D.’s my best friend some days. Other than that, two guys going at it, two guys wanting to compete.

“Frustrations happen on the court, obviously they gotta control things better, but at the same time, when you lose things are more magnified, and the Lakers—it seems crazy, but at the same time, I think we’re in a great place, where we need to be as far as continuing to get better.”

There you have it. Davis and Howard may not be best of friends, but they definitely get along well. At least according to Rondo. To be fair, both players have spoken out about the incident and the two All-Star big men have confirmed that they put the blow-up behind them.

Rondo himself was involved in a bit of controversy as well on Friday as he had an altercation with a fan sitting courtside. The Lakers vet seemed to have performed a gun gesture using his hand and aimed it at the fan, who in turn slapped away Rondo’s hand.

As mentioned earlier, it was definitely an eventful evening for the Lakers.