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Lakers’ Rajon Rondo posts photo bashing hotel room in Orlando bubble

Rajon Rondo, Lakers

Rajon Rondo of the Lakers might know that Orlando hasn’t been getting much love from the NBA. Many players have shown their dissatisfaction with arrangements in the bubble on social media day after day. From the mediocre food, all the way to the pest control problems, players just aren’t happy. Notably, all the jokes seem to center around the notion that small-market teams get the subpar treatment, while teams such as the Lakers would enjoy extra privileges and a certain level of luxury. However, this doesn’t look like the case after all.

Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo is the most recent case as he recently just posted an Instagram story bashing the hotel room in Orlando. He refereed to the room as “Motel 6” which typically refers to rooms at low cost rates. Posted around a day ago, this has gained some traction with 2,100 retweets/comments and 4,000 likes at the time this piece was written.

The Twitter world was quick in criticizing the perceived sense of privilege Rajon Rondo displayed. Yikes.

Even worse, some shade was thrown in the mix toward Rajon Rondo as well. Not cool.

This is not a good situation. On one hand, these players such as Rajon Rondo may have understandably been accustomed to a certain way of living wherein these new circumstances may not fit their standards. If they’re so used to the 5-star treatment for so many years, then Orlando might really be a disappoint from their point of view.

On the other, it also doesn’t sit well with fans when players such as Rajon Rondo seem to appear as spoiled or privileged. After all, the food and hotel rooms are good enough for the average Joe at the end of the day. Overall, this doesn’t create a good mix and it breeds criticism among the two parties.