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Richard Jefferson sides with Magic Johnson, says Rob Pelinka ‘knows everything that he’s doing’

Magic Johnson, Lakers

The Magic Johnson bombshell dropped on Monday’s episode of First take is one that shook not only the Los Angeles Lakers, but all of the NBA world. As a result of Magic’s condemnation of former front office partner Rob Pelinka and his “betrayal” by means of gossip, Richard Jefferson took the Hall of Famer’s side, saying Pelinka “knows everything that he’s doing,” judging by the way he answered to the accusations during Monday’s press conference.

“When you look at somebody that’s just been accused by one of the greatest American sport heroes of all-time — [Magic] literally is a part of saving the NBA and creating the NBA — when he says that you are snake and you have betrayed me, your response is like: ‘Me? I can’t believe you would say that about — I had no idea’ — that right there lets me know that he knows everything that he is doing.

“When you act surprised that someone said these things about you and your response is ‘I can’t believe he would say those things. I had an amazing experience — of course you had an amazing experience, you now have that man’s job.”

Magic accused Pelinka of telling people around the front office that he wasn’t around enough and that the GM was coming for his job.

Pelinka was forced to respond to these accusations only hours after Magic went live on TV, though it’s likely that his short response was due to trying to keep the attention focused on Frank Vogel, who was being introduced as the new head coach of the team.

At this point, it becomes a he-said, she-said affair, though Pelinka has had a rather abrupt reputation with people around the league, dating back to his days as a player agent for Kobe Bryant and other notable NBA stars.