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Richard Jefferson thinks Magic Johnson’s comments about Pelicans not negotiating in good faith on Anthony Davis trade are ‘a joke’

Richard Jefferson, Magic Johnson, Anthony Davis

Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson was irate at Magic Johnson’s response to the negotiations between his Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans for talisman Anthony Davis, pointing to the cynical nature of his reaction considering all that had taken place prior to talks stalling.

Johnson recently said he didn’t believe the Pelicans acted in good faith in conversation for Davis, something Jefferson called “a joke” with eye-popping bewilderment:

“Good faith, are you kidding me? [stutters] That’s a joke, right,” said an irate Jefferson. “At the end of the day, good faith? Rich Paul and “The LeBron Camp” — they orchestrated this, they put the Pelicans in a bad way. They said he wasn’t going to re-sign and all of a sudden he was pushed, because you knew Boston couldn’t do it. So this was all pushed because of … people kind of associated with the Lakers. Let’s just say that.

“You can’t say it isn’t in good faith when you guys don’t start this process in good faith.”

Fellow analyst Jay Williams concurred, saying business and “good faith” are an oximoron in themselves, as there’s only best interest that exist in a trade scenario, with both teams looking to get the upper hand in a trade:

“This is an occupational hazard of being part of Showtime, the new Showtime and the new management, they got played,” said Williams. “They got played. They showed their cards and they got played.”

Jefferson followed up by saying the Lakers’ front-office tandem of Magic and GM Rob Pelinka are rather inexperienced, and it showed through this process, as Pelicans GM Dell Demps made use of their openness to set up a real sweepstakes in the summer:

“They just didn’t know what they were doing,” said Jefferson of the Lakers’ front office.

The Pelicans were also working backchannels with the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, which could set up a brand new race for Anthony Davis in the summer, with offers beefier than what was put out before the trade deadline.