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Lakers GM Rob Pelinka’s haters slapped with strong message from ex-teammate Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose Rob Pelinka Lakers

Once upon a time, the hiring of Rob Pelinka as the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers was seen as a bad move.

There were a number of voices who were opposed to the Lakers’ Pelinka hire, for a variety of reasons. Even after LeBron James signed and the team swung a trade for Anthony Davis, more than a few detractors wanted him out as the head decision-maker for the Purple and Gold.

Fast forward four years later, and the Lakers have now added one title to their trophy case, and look poised to contend for another. Rob Pelinka’s former teammate at Michigan, Jalen Rose had a message for all of Pelinka’s critics over the years.

Via ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby:

“All I know is this—my former teammate Rob Pelinka running laps around the rest of the league as it relates to putting this roster together,” said Rose of the Lakers GM. “I remember coming on this program for days and days, and weeks and weeks when people were trying to assassinate his character when he got the job. Now, all I see is the best team in basketball.”

“They still have LeBron James; they still have Anthony Davis, who will be the difference-maker against the Nets or against other teams that like to play small ball. The Lakers, in my opinion, are the clear-cut best team in basketball. If they stay healthy: LeBron James getting another ring this year.”

The on-court fit is still a huge question mark some have for the Lakers roster. But the talent is undeniably enough to win another championship if they can all put it together.

With LeBron James at the helm and Rob Pelinka making shrewd decisions to construct the roster around him, it’s tough to be against that.